Group Psychotherapy Opportunity

Facilitator: Elizabeth Eaton, BA Psych, MPS candidate

Proposed dates for the six-week session: September 17 to October 29, with one-week break on October 8 during Thanksgiving.

* Dates or times may shift slightly depending on participant availability

Investment: 90$ for the six-week session.

Each week, the group will engage in a discussion or exercise in support of self-awareness. As such, the group is primarily about participation, interaction, and interpersonal learning. This is not a group which focuses on a specific cluster of symptoms (i.e. depression), or uses the group as an opportunity to unload past trauma and history onto other group members (i.e. life-story disclosure). Elizabeth will facilitate the group to reflect the group process, and bring focus to the here-and-now patterns of interaction. When we cultivate the ability to be present with another’s experience, we inevitably cultivate the ability to become present with ourselves. By bringing these interactional patterns under a therapeutic lens, we may notice our ability to reflect and respond, and we soon become aware of our tendency to react from habitual patterns. This group is an opportunity to become aware of how you are received by others and how you receive others; furthermore, decide what that information means for your personal journey.

In the first session, participants will work together to discuss guidelines and group outcome goals. Participants are also invited to bring their individual goals to group therapy, and discuss their hopes and fears for those goals within the group setting.  It will be a closed group (no drop-in participants) to ensure continuity and a foundation of trust.

Call 780-454-1194 and ask for Elizabeth or email for further details. An initial session to evaluate for group suitability would be required for all participants


We are taking applications for small group INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED ENGLISH classes which will start in October.  There will be  one two hour class held each week at the JFS office, and we will ask only $5 per session.  The focus will be on in-depth conversation, and polishing up grammar and writing skills.  Call Jeni at 780 454 1194 or email for details.