Community Links - Advocacy Service

If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.

– Betty Reese

This service is geared to people who are not sure where in the community to find the help they need, or who need help navigating other helping resources that are confusing or complicated. We welcome newcomers to Canada, newcomers to Edmonton from other parts of Canada, and people who have been here for some time and simply do not know how to find and access the help they need.

With the persistence of a mosquito, we can help you find solutions. Are you having difficulty accessing a government program? Do you wonder where to go for help with an employment or tenant issue? Do your practical problems seem a little too complicated to manage? Our Community Support and Intercultural Facilitation staff can help find the right programs and services and even speak on your behalf if you wish.

There are no fees for this service, thanks to grants from the United Way, the United Jewish Appeal, individual donations and fund raising activities.

How to inquire about Advocacy:
Please call 780.454.1194 and ask to speak to a Community Worker. Or you can send an email.