Community Links Program

Community Links

Fitting into a new community can be difficult. We can help you make Edmonton your new home. Newcomers face many challenges – language barriers, understanding cultural differences, learning what help is available and how to access it, employment and housing.

We welcome newcomers to Canada, newcomers to Edmonton, and people who have been
here for some time and simply do not know how to find and access the help they need. Our Community Links and Intercultural Facilitator can help find the right programs and services and even speak on your behalf if you wish.

There are no fees for this service, thanks to grants from the United Way, the United Jewish Appeal, individual donations and fund raising activities.

Community Links Clients Quotes

“Thank you again for coaching me one on one “to survive” an interview. I kind of was more confident and I got the position in Spruce Grove with the Parkland School Board.”

– A Spanish speaking woman

“I also built a social network when I took part in different gatherings and workshops. This helped me understand (by allowing me to meet other people in transition) and cope better with the barriers I was identifying in my life. These groups were a significant source of social contact for me.”

– An Israeli woman

“It always make a difference for people like us to know that someone out thee is always ready to help when needed”

– A Filipino woman

“I don’t know if I would have “given up” without the program, but my life would have been less rich and more difficult, that’s for sure”.

– A Russian-Israeli man

“I would like to express my comment about this class. It is friendly and feel like learning with friends who come from different background. I like to go there to talk and sharing information with other.”

– Japanese woman

“from brainstorming about my difficulties to help with the necessary, JFS offered me what I needed when I needed it.”

– An Israeli man

“Thank you for your relentless dedication into encouraging me, Jeni”

– An Iranian (Moslem) man

“They recognized my strengths and expected me to do my own work while they supported, advocated for and informed me. This left me feeling good about myself, our interactions and the organization”

– An Israeli woman