Why Should You Choose Me?


My Services

  • Affordable pricing with no monthly fees
  • Professional quality, custom designed sites built from scratch to meet your specific needs.
  • All new site are now built with a Responsive design
  • FREE initial consultations
  • All sites are built using a Content Management System such as WordPress.
  • FREE training in the Content Management System of your choice.
  • Sites are constructed using clean, Search engine friendly code.
  • Clients are kept up to date every step along the way.
  • Multiple revisions and Ongoing support if necessary.
  • Personalized service

Agency Quality Websites at a Fraction of the Cost

There is no question that large design agencies will do great work, however, custom websites built by these companies typically cost thousands of dollars. I offer comparable quality sites at a fraction of the cost. It is also possible to find freelancers or companies that claim to build custom websites for extremely low prices, but these companies are generally using low quality templates and/or charge high monthly fees. I strive to find the best balance between affordability and quality, which varies depending on the needs of each individual client.

Customer Service

I offer free initial consultations and will show you how to use your new site when it is completed so you will have as much control as possible. Unlike most companies who only offer one or two revisions, I try to regularly keep my clients up to date on the progress of their site so they have many opportunities for input during the process.


While it is impossible to give an exact quote without first discussing your project requirements and budget, the following rough guidelines may give you an idea of where you would fit. Basic Custom designed sites start at $600, while more complex sites with large amounts of content, specialized functionality, or a extremely detailed/complex design requirements can be anywhere from $600 to several thousand dollars depending on the scope of the project. Contact me today and we can work together to find an appropriate solution for your website project!